Located in the heart of the Wyre Forest
01299 266317

Located in the heart of the Wyre Forest

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Casa-Mia Care Home
Cleobury Road
Far Forest
Near Kidderminster
DY14 9EH

T: 01299 266317

E: casa.mia@aol.co.uk

At Casa Mia we strive to provide each service user with the care they require for as long as the home is able to meet their needs, which in most cases we aim for that to be for life. All service users who come to Casa Mia are provided with a thorough assessment of their needs and from the information which gathered we devise a package of care tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences.

We aim to make clients who live at Casa Mia feel safe and comfortable and that their life is fulfilled.

At Casa Mia we are very aware that we are offering every service user a long term commitment; therefore it is important to us that every service user has the help and opportunity they require to enjoy life to the maximum. In order to enable this to happen, the care provided at Casa Mia is always underpinned by the principles of person centred approach, respect, empowerment, dignity and people's human rights.

Staff at Casa Mia will always strive to respect each service user’s individuality, being aware of their personal beliefs and preferences. Care plans will be tailored to reflect this.

Staff at Casa Mia will always strive to empower service users by seeking out their opinions individually and in regular service user meetings. We aim to involve service users in all aspects of their care plan, and provide programmes of activities democratically and individually selected to maximise independence, entertain and facilitate individual ambitions. We will always strive to help and support people to achieve their aspirations, goals and objectives.

Staff at Casa Mia will always strive to treat service users with dignity. Each service user is given the option of having a key for their room where they can keep personal possessions, see visitors in private or simply spend time alone. Service user choices will be acknowledged and respected and any personal care required will be provided with sensitivity.

All staff at Casa Mia are fully committed to respecting the rights of the individual service user. We believe that all individuals are of equal value in society, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or disability. We believe that all service users have the same rights as other members of society. We are particularly aware of service user’s right to access, inclusion and meaningful participation, we believe in a person centred approach to care and best possible outcome for anyone living in Casa Mia care home.